Gokshura Churna


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Gokshura is a rejuvenating and revitalizing tonic that is cooling and nourishing.It is also known as Trikantaka due to its spinous structure. It acts as an exceptional diuretic, making it extremely beneficial for improving kidney functions and treating a number of genitourinary problems. It is one of the herbs which is diuretic as well as anti inflammatory. In recent years it has been emerging as a popular dietary supplement.

Botanical name: Tribulus terrestris

Family: Zygophyllaceae

The dried fruit is used to make Gokshura Churna.


Rasa: Madhura

Guna: Guru, Snigdha

Veerya: Sheeta

Vipaka: Madhura

Pacifies Tridosha.


Agatsya Gokshura Churna benefits:

  • Extremely nourishing
  • Well known for its diuretic activity, detoxifies bladder, relieves difficulty in urination
  • Improves digestion, relieves abdominal colic
  • Useful in cardiac disorders
  • Treats respiratory conditions
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Useful in Diabetes, Urinary tract diseases
  • Haemorrhoids
  • An Anti ageing herb
  • An aphrodisiac
  • It  promotes male sexual and reproductive health along with proper function of the Prostate gland. It is useful in conditions such as general Debility, Haemorrhoids, Diabetes and Cardiac diseases.

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