Amalaki Churna


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Amalaki Churna

Amalaki / Amla commonly known as the Indian gooseberry is an absolute bundle of  wonder.

A natural antioxidant, potent rejuvenate and a natural source of Vitamin C, Amla literally means sour, which is its predominant taste. Amla has a wide array of uses, in culinary, medicinal as well as spiritual. In vedic literature, the fruits of Amalaki were considered as the best among the fruits. Acharya Charaka has quoted it as the best among Vayasthapana drugs (rejuvinators). Both classical literature and scientific studies prove that Amalaki is an immunomodulator, antioxidant, tonic, anti diabetic and hypocholesteraemic agent.It is one among ‘Triphala’.

Botanical name: Embelica officinalis Gaertn

Family: Euphorbiaceae

The dried fruit pericarp is used to make Amalaki Churna.

Rasa: Amla pradhana, Pancha rasa except Lavana.

Guna: Guru, Sheeta

Veerya: Sheeta

Vipaka: Madhura

Balances the Tridoshas.

Amalaki benefits:

  • Good for eyes, improves vision
  • A Rasayana ( antiageing herb)
  • Improves voices,treats throat diseases
  • A cardiac tonic
  • Nourishes hair
  • Enhances digestive health and natural cleansing process
  • Useful in bleeding disorders
  • Beneficial in controlling sugar levels .

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