Jatamamsi Churna 50g




Jatamansi is traditionally known for its role in insomnia, mental disorders and infectious conditions. It has been traditionally used in the Ayurvedic system as a Neuroprotector.

Botanical name: Nardostachys jatamansi

Family: Valerianaeae

The dried rhizome is used to make powder.

Rasa: Tikta, Kashaya, Madhura

Guna: Laghu, Snigdha

Veerya: Sheeta

Vipaka: Katu

Balances Tridoshas.

Agatsya Jatamansi Churna benefits:

  • Improves brain functions
  • Useful in psychiatric conditions and depression
  • Enhances strength and immunity
  • Promotes hair growth
  • A blood purifier hence treats a wide range of skin disorders such as herpes, itching etc
  • Useful in the treatment of fever, burning sensation.

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