Devadaru Churna


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Devadaru  also called as Himalayan cedar  literally means “Wood of the Gods”. It is extremely useful in neurological conditions. It nourishes the liver and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.When applied locally, it helps to relieve inflammation. Devadaru belongs to group of herbs which is useful in balancing Vata dosha.

Botanical name: Cedrus deodara

Family: Pinaceae

The dried heartwood of the herb is used to make powder.


Rasa: Tikta, Katu, Kashaya

Guna: Ruksha, Laghu

Veerya: Ushna

Vipaka: Katu

Balances Kapha and Vata dosha.


Agatsya Devadaru Churna benefits:

  • Traditionally used to treat cough, cold, rhinitis, hiccups, fever, allergies
  • Useful in abdominal distension, worm infestation, constipation
  • Manages skin disorders
  • Accelerates quick wound healing and cleanses infested wounds
  • Treats blood disorders
  • Anti diabetic
  • Diuretic
  • It is very helpful in Sutika (puerperal) disorders.
  • An ingredient for various Panchakarma procedures.

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