Triphala Churna



Triphala Churna

A polyherbal formulation, Triphala churna is a homogeneous mixture of three herbs namely Haritaki(Terminalia Chebula),Vibhitaki(Terminalia bellerica) and Amalaki(Emblica officinalis). Triphala is one of the most beloved digestive aids in Ayurveda, popular for its unique ability to encourage a natural, gentle bowel cleanse .It detoxifies the system while simultaneously nourishing it. It is a natural Antioxidant. It supports the proper functioning of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and genitourinary system. Triphala removes excess Vata, Pitta and Kapha from the body and maintains the balance of Tridosha. It is useful in Distension of abdomen, Loss of taste, Constipation, Skin disease, Eye disorders, Kapha and Pitta Vikaras and Fever.


  • Haritaki
  • Vibhitaki
  • Amalaki

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