Hingvastaka Churna


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Hingvastaka Churna

Agatsya Hingvastaka Churna  is a polyherbal formulation which consists of Hingu(Asafoetida) as a major element which is a well known Indian culinary ingredient, along with combination of other significant herbs. Being a good appetizer and carminative, it helps to improve digestion and absorption of food. Hence is an effective remedy for anorexia, relieving abdominal distension and flatulence.It helps in maintaining the balance of Vata doshas.


  • Shunti
  • Maricha
  • Pippali
  • Ajamoda
  • Saindhava lavana
  • Shweta Jeeraka
  • Krishna Jeeraka
  • Shuddha Hingu

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